Constructed 2 new raised garden beds from new Green Treated Sleepers (2400mm x 1200mm x 240mm). Bolted to each other with 300mm exterior grade deck screws and lined with a damp proof membrane to prolong the life of the sleepers.


The existing felt was old and had started to leak into the shed. The left hand side roof timbers were rotten and had to be replaced. I applied heat bonded felt with a blow torch and no nails were used so it can’t leak! Cheaper roof felt (like the ty..

It’s important to keep all areas of your kitchen clean and hygienic, and that includes the oven. It’s an important and expensive piece of equipment that gets a lot of use and often gets neglected when it comes to cleaning. Whether it’s from bubb..

Zinsser BIN

Zinsser BIN is the ultimate primer, sealer and stain killer. It offers unparalleled adhesion on any surface without sanding and has the hiding power to conceal the toughest of stains. Permanently blocks odours. Dries in minutes. Ultimate performance prime..